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Action bets can be your best friend

I often take friends to the race track that have never been or maybe will go once or twice a year at that. The most common complaint I get is that there is too much time between races and they get bored. I try to teach “money management” to them and that the goal is to leave the track with more cash than you went in with. Easier said than done.

I’ll often go to the races and maybe have one or two serious wagers to make. Sometimes not even that. I can sit there all day and watch the races, have a few cocktails and make my wagers. Sometimes, I’ll go and not even wager and just take notes and observe for future bets to make down the line. Or, simply get caught up with associates and other professionals with regular B.S. banter. But what do you tell your friends that you have in tow that are constantly asking, “when do we bet?”

When you are making a few “large” wagers, sometimes you’ll get caught up with looking at the form and/or making trips to the paddock to check out the horses. But in between the seriousness how do you keep others entertained? Action bets.

Action bets are something I’ll make as well. These are relatively small wagers that will keep you or others entertained in between the serious wagers that are going to make you the money. They are small and won’t distract you from the bigger game down the road and will keep your friends amused. I recommend these wagers to be minimal bets, like $1 or two dollar bets and can be exacta plays, across the board wagers on a horse that is 70-1 that has your first pets name in it, etc. You get the ideal. I find myself making these often, especially with horses that don’t fall into the serious wager category. Nobody likes to sit there and see these type of bets win and not have any cash on them so go ahead and bet. It will also take away the stress of having to keep your friends amused while they are waiting to take their first home-run swing.19990150_1345839512120643_1861375612647349495_n