Already MLB season again?

Time sure does fly and when one does so by the seat of his pants it can travel very quickly. It seems unreal that the NFL season is gone and the boys of summer are starting to return to the field for spring training. Where does the time go?

I’m still debating on whether to watch the NBA All-Star game. I realize the game is to let the players “play” and showcase their talents but isn’t defense a part of the game too? I mean these 255 over/under totals are a bit hard to watch at times and watching player after player slamming home a reverse two-pointer can get boring after awhile. At least for this guy.

Advice to gamblers. Stay tuned and watch as much preseason MLB as you can. You never know that somewhere down the line an opportunity may present itself and for people that paid attention may be able to take advantage of a pitcher making a late sub start can help or nix a play at the windows. Especially late in the season when injuries start to rear their ugly heads.

Horse players are starting to develop and post their top “lists” and ratings for the Kentucky Derby. If you find a person that you respect and listen to there is no reason not to follow along but personally I find it way too early. Injuries have a way of upsetting the apple cart and to be putting in so much time ranking horses that may not even make it to the starting gate. Like other major sporting events, the most exciting time for me is the morning of the event. Yup, no kidding.






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