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Yup, lots has changed in the world

The other night I was sitting in the recliner thinking about how things have changed in the world. As us “old timers” like to refer to as the “good old days.”

Technology has brought us to a new frontier there is no doubt about it. Sports? Hell yes. Now, we can watch pretty much any game on a tablet or laptop computer. Even our cell phone can bring us the live feed from the arena. Back in the “good old days” we would have to listen to the sports scores on the radio. A quarter past the hour or a quarter before the hour you’d find me tuned into KNX News Radio awaiting sports scores. “The Lakers lead the Spurs 78-67 in the third” would be all the information we would get until the next broadcast.

Horse racing was no different. The morning of the races, my pal Bill Garr from KIEV radio would start off the morning early. Each racing day from the track he’d broadcast the day’s scratches. “In the third, take out the four and seven.” Then, we would have to wait until either quarter past or 15 minutes before the hour to get the stretch calls from KNX News Radio. “the results of the fifth race are now in and for the call here is track announcer Harry Henson” would be the intro, with good old Harry’s voice bringing in the results. “Into the stretch, It’s Blinkey Ben in front by a length, Old Feathers is second …” If you missed the days racing, don’t despair. Bill Garr had his racing wrap-up show on each racing evening to do his own race results and race re-creations for fans. However, you missed that you were out of luck until the next morning when the newspaper would hit the driveway.

Of course as time went on, the invention of the “900 numbers” came to pass and for a fee you could get results and changes billed to your telephone. We thought that was technology.

Yes, things have indeed changed. Now, instead of waiting at the local liquor store for the runner to bring by the Daily Racing Form for the next days entries and past performances I just have to wait in front of my computer to get them.

Can I go back to the old days now?




Eddie’s VIP play cashes for clients on 02/19

Winner winner chicken dinner! Eddie the Hat’s VIP play cashed on Sunday, February 19th as clients once again headed to the cashiers line! After a delay, missed works, off tracks and a day in which Santa Anita closed due to inclement weather everybody was finally able to make the wager and it proved to be a profitable one.

8th race:

Gio’s Lady @ $5.20 & $3.20

$1 Exacta (9/4) @ $17.40

and for clients that used our VIP play with our exacta key horses also hit big with the trifecta and superfecta!

$1 Trifecta (9/4/2) @ $91.20

$1 superfecta (9/4/2/7) @ $449.80

We hope you were able to cash in and see you back for our next VIP play!

How much should I bet?

If I had a nickle for every time I was asked that question I’d be one rich dude. From horse racing to sports everyone wants a winning play. Once they get the pick(s) then the magical question always is, “how much should I bet”? Then, “how much will I win”?

While serious advanced gamblers know the answer, I always have to tell the newbies that the wagering amount is strictly up to them. Only they know what their bankroll is and what they can afford to lose should the wager not cash. I have to remind them that unless they are heading to Vegas for one weekend out of the year and are planning on just having a good time one weekend, that they need to focus on goals and running the marathon, not the sprint race. Boy I wish they could grasp the concept.

Reminding them that while winning money is always a good thing, they need to also remember that so is having a good time. Nobody wants to make a wager and as they sit there tearing up a losing ticket, they also spend the remainder of their Vegas stay wondering how they will be paying the rent in two weeks. Believe me, we have all been there which is why serious, professional gamblers no longer take that path down the 101 gambling highway.

The best advice I can give to newbies, or to my clients is simply this. Set your own goals with a bankroll you can afford to lose. If you set aside $100 I suggest starting to make $10 wagers. Keeping consistent is the key, not “doubling up” or “chasing bets.” Too many times I hear people saying they bet triple amounts on games because they thought they were “due” to cash and also making large wagers because they were “hot” or “on-a-roll.” That is the surest way to watch your bankroll fade and turn from black to red in a hurry. Again, we have all been there and know what it’s like.

i am more than happy to start off new clients with a wagering strategy and goal setting. Simply contact me at or at and I’ll give you some advice.

I wish the NBA All-Star game had some defense. I realize that the players want to have fun and showcase their dunking and three-point talents but isn’t playing defense part of being an All-Star and part of the game too? I don’t know how much longer I can stand watching the game. It’s turning into teenage boys playing Play Station on the couch. BTW, the West was favored by -6 and covered defeating the east by 10.




Already MLB season again?

Time sure does fly and when one does so by the seat of his pants it can travel very quickly. It seems unreal that the NFL season is gone and the boys of summer are starting to return to the field for spring training. Where does the time go?

I’m still debating on whether to watch the NBA All-Star game. I realize the game is to let the players “play” and showcase their talents but isn’t defense a part of the game too? I mean these 255 over/under totals are a bit hard to watch at times and watching player after player slamming home a reverse two-pointer can get boring after awhile. At least for this guy.

Advice to gamblers. Stay tuned and watch as much preseason MLB as you can. You never know that somewhere down the line an opportunity may present itself and for people that paid attention may be able to take advantage of a pitcher making a late sub start can help or nix a play at the windows. Especially late in the season when injuries start to rear their ugly heads.

Horse players are starting to develop and post their top “lists” and ratings for the Kentucky Derby. If you find a person that you respect and listen to there is no reason not to follow along but personally I find it way too early. Injuries have a way of upsetting the apple cart and to be putting in so much time ranking horses that may not even make it to the starting gate. Like other major sporting events, the most exciting time for me is the morning of the event. Yup, no kidding.