Sunday’s NFL games two snoozers

Wow. I have to admit it. Coming up with the winners and the preparation for the weekend games leading up to Sunday left me a little short on the end of sleep for Sunday. But I wasn’t worried. I thought that both games would leave me on the edge of my seat in anticipation as the clock wound down on each contest.

Going in I felt that either game, or both, could go down to a game winning field goal and end in dramatic fashion. Either of the four teams winning wouldn’t have surprised me. What did was how dull both games ended up being. With the Santa Anita card being canceled due to inclement weather, and some odd college hoops games being offered, I found myself sound asleep most of the afternoon waking up only to see the scores hadn’t narrowed and a few opened pizza boxes purchased before kickoff.

Glad I didn’t depend on the Laker game to keep me entertained as they suffered the worst loss in franchise history 122-73 to the lowly Dallas Mavericks in Dallas. I had thought earlier in the season that perhaps the Lakers might be ready to turn the corner and with their young players start to show some improvement but boy was I wrong.

Back to the drawing board on Monday for some mid-week play. Good luck with all your plays this weekend folks.


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