Daily Archives: January 3, 2017

Starting fresh in 2017

Focus, focus, focus! I can’t stress this enough. It’s tough though, it really is. Gambling on any sport is tough enough. Staying positive and upbeat is the key to your success and the important thing is to have goals set and a solid plan on making money and bankroll management.

Another key element to a successful 2017 is surrounding and hanging around positive people this year. Don’t let the negativity of others drag you down. It’s hard to watch and enjoy a game when you have a toxic person sitting next to you telling you why you are going to lose a game you wagered on before it’s even over. The possible outcome or nobody’s opinion should EVER be shared before the conclusion of a game. That is simply bad luck and people that do that should have limited access to a gambler. I hate it when people will call me at half-time and say, “you’re looking good” or “you got this.” To me that is the kiss of death and they will get some quick advice from me on keeping their mouth shut. Or it will be the last time they go to a game or I pick up the phone when they call.

When one places a bet, or is studying the lines keep an open mind and don’t bet from the heart. Don’t bet on the Toronto Raptors when you are in Vegas simply because you were born in Canada. Being able to be objective is a HUGE part of being successful. I have a rule of thumb I go by. No favorite teams in my office. When somebody asks me who my favorite team is I’ll tell them, “whoever I can make money on tonight. Sure it’s not sexy but it has helped me learn you need to be objective.

The last thing is to have fun. Sure you are in this to make money but if it’s causing you to have health issues wagering on and watching the games perhaps it’s time to look for another profession or hobby. There is not a faster way to lose your bankroll … and health than to wake up and stress yourself looking at the lines. Sure it’s natural to be anxious when you are looking at possible wagers but if you find yourself hitting the Tums bottle once to many times during the day maybe you need to cut back on the wagering a bit.