Tis the season for dead arms in MLB

Anybody else noticed the ERA’s of some pitchers are rising like a loaf of bread in the oven? We are. Look at the WHIP’s too, both are rising for some pitchers and it would seem that this is a situation that happens each and every MLB season this time of year. It’s called the dead arm and some pitchers run into in year after year. While having a good first half of the season, take a careful look at pitching stats after the All-Star break and make sure the team you are about to wager on doesn’t have a starting pitcher showing this. A good rule of thumb is to check out their last five starts to see what direction they are heading in.

What got into Chicago White Sox starter Chris Sale this weekend? Protesting the wearing of the teams 1976-style jersey’s, it was reported that Sale refused to wear his and then proceeded to cut up $12,700 worth of teammates uniforms forcing the team to not be able to use the retro uniforms. Sale was suspended five games and was fined a total of $250,000. Flake.

Ken Griffey, Jr and Mike Piazza both entered MLB Hall over the weekend. Congrats to both players.

Why aren’t I a fan of the Olympics? You really need to ask? It’s become as corrupt as boxing and wrestling as far as I’m concerned and have way better things to do than waste my time on it. Need more proof? Start with the Russians.


Rome wasn’t built in a day

Several times in a month, maybe even a week, I get asked how do I create cash flow in sports gambling? While the answer is quite simple, you bet on winners, the results a gambler has will vary.

First off I need to say that it is indeed “gambling” and not sports investing. Sure either term can be used but gambling is indeed the best way to describe the placing money on games. The results of winning and losing can be agonizing and not for the faint at heart. The results can be gleeful or downright depressing and honestly the gambler has no way of figuring into the end result after the game is decided.

Take the game of baseball for example. Let’s say you love a pitching match-up with pitcher A going against pitcher B. You wager on pitcher A and he is throwing a flawless game and leads into the 6th inning 3-1. But then a funny thing happens. His pitch count starts to rise and at 110 pitches he is forced to leave the game. With a 3-1 lead into the 7th inning, the bull pen becomes involved and your 3-0 lead turns into a 5-3 loss.

In order for a gambler to be successful in the long term, he/she needs to be able to use restraint. The gambler needs to understand it’s the long term goal, not the short one, that will decide becoming a winner or a loser. Not every game is going to produce a winner, and not every week is going to produce positive results either. Much like the stock market, the results will seem like a heart graph with many highs and lows as you move along. For the gambler to jump in and start wagering if you expect positive results right away you may be in for a big disappointment. Should you get those results, great. But don’t expect them. If everybody were to win every wager they placed we would all be on the beach in Cabo. But since most professional handicappers work 10-12 hour days in a office you know that’s not the case.

So, my best advice to people wanting in is really quite simple. Be patient and keep track of your results. Wager the same amount of each game and don’t double up when you win or lose a game. Keep in mind it’s a route race and not a sprint race and the end result is the key. Did you win or lose money. Not what you did do in one day or at the end of one week.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.



Youngsters still finding themselves

Derek Holland of the Texas Rangers comes to mind. Making his seasonal start for the 2016 season this past Thursdays, Holland was a few pitches away from making a solid start, a winning start but a few mistakes cost him the win. He needs to step up in his next start and we have a feeling he just may do that.

Chris Archer of the Rays had a dismal start on Friday, a very unsettling start for this fiery, competitive starting pitcher. Simply draw a line through this start and lets move on to his next one.

Tidbits, food for thought …

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels began the 2016 season going 0 for 8 and when he finally broke through with a single jokingly asked for the baseball. … How about the start the San Diego Padres got off to? Three games, no runs scored in any. Next two games a different outcome, with the Padres going on a scoring rampage.

Anyone as tired of the circus events leading up to Los Angeles Lakers retiring Kobe Bryant as I am? This entire season has been a slap in the face to the Lakers organization and instead of concentrating on developing the rookies it’s all been about Kobe. Wasted season to be sure.

Nice the Dodgers have been taking care of their fans and stepping up to make it easier to watch home games on T.V. Once again proving they could careless about the fans and the ability to watch games should they not be able to make it to the stadium. Nice going and hats off to the management and ownership team.

Getting closer to the Kentucky Derby and I have to say from where I sit it’s a wide open group of three year olds that will be standing in the gate the first Saturday in May.



Others are afraid to say it. Not me.

Okay. I settle in to the cushy couch with a beverage by my side to watch the sporting event I have been waiting all day for. Then, the doorbell rings. I get up expecting to have to rip off the head of some unsuspecting door-to-door sales person but it’s the kid next door poltely asking me to retrieve the soccer ball they kicked in the backyard. Maybe that’s why I dislike soccer? Why couldn’t it be a football or a baseball?

A few minutes into the game the cell phone starts to blow up with Twitter posts and the morons have started to come out. Why do others feel the need to make posts on the game in progress? I’m watching the game. Yeah, I saw the 20 foot jump shot mailed from the corner. I don’t need someone telling me it was a nice shot. I SAW IT!

If you haven’t seen Nyquist’s race from last weekend you are missing out. I’m not going to go out on a limb just yet and say he’s the next Derby winner but you have to admit he’s deserving to be the early favorite. I usually like to wait a bit and see what develops. Want to see the post position draw for the real thing and who actually makes it in. Until horses are standing in the gate I try to temper my excitement. Been disappointed by late scratches and injuries too many times.

Congrats to everyone who tabbed Villanova the 2016 NCAA Champions. Job well done and wasn’t that an exciting game vs. Monday night? That’s what its all about.

Blow out Monday in the NBA

Somebody forgot to tell the NBA players they are professionals and not still in junior high. Some of the efforts Monday night were down right disgraceful but the worst for us was the effort put out by the Pistons +2 1/2

While our free play on this Monday night, the Pistons were never in this one as they were routed by the Wizards 124-81. I suppose if you are going to lose a game, this is the way to do it. No buzzer beaters here or the disappointment. This game was over early. Thanks for showing up Detroit.

The NCAA men’s tournament games begin on Thursday but we have to ready ourselves for the couple of play-in games that take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. These one and done games can be exciting to watch.

Woes of gamblers. Scrub minutes

We have all been there. The ultimate dismay of every gambler. You get the lines and study for hours. Then, you make the call. Give me XYZ University and I’ll lay the 18 1/2 you say. Or, you may go on-line and click the wager button. You’re down, now its game time.

Everything goes as planned and when the clock finds you in the 4th quarter with 2:05 left you are up by 28. Nice bet you tell yourself. I knew XYZ would crush this team. Then you hear someone announce from the other end of the bar, “here come the scrubs.” You can’t blame the coach for wanting to clear the bench. I mean, he’s up by 28 and he didn’t lay the -18 1/2 points. He wants to give his players minutes. The opponent of XYZ University may or may not elect to clearing his bench. His objective and that of his team is to make the final score respectable when the buzzer or gun sounds.

So as the nonstarters and kids that have played maybe 3 minutes all season start taking wild desperation shots for XYZ University, combined with missed foul shots and turnovers while playing no defense you begin to see the score evaporate and with less than a minute left you are up by 20.

Now what?

Your first impulse is to light a candle and pray. Your second is to call the coach on his cell phone and to tell him to get his starters back in. NOW! All you can do is wait until the game goes final. Maybe the other team will clear their bench and you can watch and wait as the foul shots mount, the wild three pointers get padded in the stats and the turnovers mount. Hopefully you hold on and cash. Will you?

These are the games that can turn a huge lead by XYZ University into a 15 point win. Blowing the cover. Or, they can hold on and you cash. When you lay massive points, there is always a big risk involved.

Such was the case when Michigan State played Penn State a couple weeks back. Michigan State was laying Penn State (you guessed it) -18 1/2 and cruised out in front out of the gate. The entire game Penn State looked confused and dazed as the Spartans of Michigan had their way with the Penn State squad. Then it happened. Coach Izzo started to pull his seniors in front of the last home game crowd they would face late in the fourth quarter. One by one, the Michigan State studs were given a cheerful ovation by the home crowd as they passed by center court and kissed the floor, and the logo of Michigan State. While this was an awesome, touching gesture, keep in mind there was still a game to be played, albeit only 2:00 minutes left. Michigan State freshman were in. Yes, five freshman. The entire Michigan State bench in tears, including coach Izzo. You look up and see in awe that Penn State still had all five starters in the game as you rush to the liquor cabinet.

What could have been the longest 2:00 minutes in history did turn out okay in the end. While the final two minutes was a wild one, the Michigan State pimple faced boys were able to hit free throws and thanks to a good coach Izzo team didn’t turn the ball over that much. When the benches started to clear, the lead was Michigan State up by 30. They covered by a diminishing margin but was also helped by Penn State putting in a few scrubs of their own.

Such is the life of a gambler. Never count you money until its in your wallet. EVER.







Is social media bad for pro/college sports?

I gotta tell you. I’m not one for tweeting and Facebooking during games. I tend to like to watch the games and frankly could careless about what Joe Blow thinks of a pass down the middle any more than they should care what I think. Game time should be for watching, not blogging. It’s really quite simple. Shut up when the game tips or kicks off.

But in today’s world, we can’t and boy was that obvious when I started to pay attention to the posts on the NFL thread left by those watching Super Bowl 50 this past Sunday. Ugly, hateful tweets from people that had negative things to say about the halftime show to the performance of the teams themselves. Nobody was safe from the wrath of the hate that was left behind. Now I can understand fans jabbing one another and rooting for their teams but the comments that were left were rather vile. Shame on those that feel they have to behave in that manner.

We all know that Cam Newton can win and is talented. But his post game press conference left much to be desired after the game on Sunday. I have mucho respect for the man but was very disappointed in his antics when he was giving short answers and simply walked away from the table during the press conference. He has no problem doing his dancing when he scores, handing out balls to adoring fans. You can see it on his face during games and he’s got a million dollar smile on his face when he wins. But boy he needs to work on that same attitude when he losses. Grow up and learn from this kid. You are too talented to be labeled a sore looser and I for one know he’ll be back. Lets just hope he learns from his first and not last trip to the Super Bowl.

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