We need more of this

As I was walking in to Santa Anita Race Track yesterday, my mind was doing it’s usual swimming thing … thinking of what horses to add and or subtract from exotic plays and to either use or toss a few horses from straight wagers.

IMG_20190519_124948As I was a few hundred feet away from going up the clubhouse steps I noticed a sign welcoming the group “Tyler Harringer’s Graduation Party” with directions on where to go. As I proceeded towards the press elevator, I caught a glimpse of several people that I assume where the group heading into Tyler’s graduation party. Then I spotted a young man, maybe high school age that I’m certain was Tyler. He was walking and speaking with an older gentleman with a rolled up Daily Racing Form and notes, scribbled all over the pages. Very intently he was telling the older gentleman which horses needed to be used and few toss out probables in the Pick Six.

I couldn’t help but think how awesome it was to see a young horse racing fan, celebrating his graduation and his intense interest in the horse racing game with family and friends. While I didn’t make contact with the group, I hope Tyler had a winning day along with everyone that attended his special day at Santa Anita. Im just glad they didn’t listen to me!

Turning the corner on a miserable weekend

Okay, go ahead and say it. Sometimes I can be like a broken record or a scene in the movie Groundhog Day. But I can’t stress it enough with sports gambling. Whether it be on the horses or a sporting event you have to have and think positive thoughts. No I’m not thinking about penning a self help book. But in all of my years on this earth I understand that having a positive attitude and staying way from negativity will help you cash more tickets.

The first thing I suggest is getting away from negative and caustic people. Social media is filled with these people. You know who I’m talking about. The person who always seems to get beat on a game because of “somebody else’s” play or performance. They say mean things and always are calling out others on social media. They are toxic and do nothing but bitch and complain.

Whether you wager on sports, horses or both I have found it’s very important to keep your mind clear and remain with a positive attitude. It’s hard enough when a gambler is going through a losing streak and to also have to deal with people that will also bring you down with their negative views and spins. One has to remained focus and not get into the habit of blaming others for a losing streak. Riding out a losing streak is not easy mentally or on your wallet. Remember, the only way to stop a losing streak is to pick a winner. Only you can do that or the service you subscribe to.


2019 Derby will be a memorable one

When the horses crossed the wire in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby I  was delighted. Not only did my pick win, but the son of New Year’s Day did so with authority. Not only did Maximum Security set the pace, he fought off all challengers at the head of the stretch and re-broke, drawing off through the stretch. I began thinking of how much cash my clients made and friends who listened to my reasoning on why the Jason Servis trainee would win the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

As soon as I began to calculate returns in my head, I saw out of the corner of my eye on stretch run (replay on TV) that Maximum Security had come out onto the path of War of Will and put him in tight. No objection yet, so I reasoned that maybe because he was tiring there would be no reason to have an objection. Then, there it was. OBJECTION in flashing red lights.

I began to feel sick. Even sicker when I saw the head on. My heart said to not change it but my many years of watching race replays and tapes told me that there was indeed a legitimate foul.

May people began reasoning on social media (everyone is an expect on social media, that’s why they have a handful of followers) that there would never be a DQ in the Derby. It’s much too big of a race. As the stewards watch the replay and debated, every minute that went by I knew what was about to happen. The best horse in the race, the horse that earned no respect coming into the race was about to be DQ’ed and the improbable winner, a horse named Country House with only a maiden win on his resume would be kissed and earn the win.

max_securityWhile I have turned the page and moved on, I can’t help but wonder what the emotions are of Maximum Security’s owners, trainer and the rider, Luis Saez to know you had the best horse and won, only to have it taken away because one or two missteps. Again, I can’t really fault the decision but I do find it hard to swallow knowing ‘Security was by far the best horse and got nothing. I do find fault with his placing to 17th having the feeling that was wrong. Long Range Toddy was going nowhere but you could say that I suppose to all the outclassed horses behind Maximum Security at the wire. He’s still my 2019 Kentucky Derby winner.

In closing I know that this debate will rage on forever. Maybe it’s good for racing, to have people talking about the outcome for years to come. My only hope is that we simply turn the page and move on. I hope that the connections do not follow through with an appeal. As sickening as it all was, we should begin to focus on the Preakness and watch Maximum Security redeem himself.


When one faces a humbling weekend

Whether you are a professional handicapper or a novice one will always face every humbling days, weekends or weeks with results. How does one deal with these bad results? Simple. You need to turn the page and move on.

A logical approach is to realize right away handicappers aren’t going to win every single selection they make. Instead of dwelling on the negative, move on as to not let the past results effect the future games given out.

While it may not be easy, this is the one piece of advice that will not only help maintain your sanity but keep your bankroll intact.


No knee jerk reaction from me

After hearing the goings on at yesterday’s CHRB meeting I for one am in utter shock. Hard for me to believe that people that represent the horse racing industry could be so ignorant. All I can do is shake my head and hope things work out but I have to be honest when I say I’m doubtful things will come out well. Sad.

A quick jot down. Why?

For the horse racing fans out in internet/social media land tell me this. Why is Radish entered at Santa Anita on Saturday (02/09/19) in the first race vs. winners? Radish is a gamer to be sure. 0 for 24 maiden and is 0 for 9 at Santa Anita. If you have a logical explanation I need to hear from you folks.

Some random thoughts

Don’t always think that everyday there are great bets to be made. LOL Sometimes you really have to search for plays for clients. Take Tuesday night for example. Not a really spicy day of games so we had to search long and hard for a game. Our NBA play, the Lakers -7 vs. the Bulls ended up a push and was perhaps the worst game I have seen in sometime. I really should have gone to a high school CIF game as I think I would have been more entertained. Time I’ll never get back but at least there was beer in the fridge.

What is up with the bouncing post times at Santa Anita? 12:00 p.m., 12:30 p.m. and tomorrow first post is 1:00 p.m. Com’on guys I have a hard enough time remembering my log-in name and password for social media sites.

Mixed emotions about the new trend regarding the weather. On Thursday, Santa Anita canceled the card because of eminent rain falling during the races. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the safety of the horses and jockeys but I can remember as a kid going to Santa Anita and watching the races standing in the rain. They never canceled the races back then. Maybe a sign of times now?

For those of you that attended the races on Saturday, January 12 you were treated to a special show run by Escape Clause. This dynamo win machine is now 19 for 28 lifetime and was 9 for 13 last season. Owned and trained by Don Schnell the five-year-old mare by Going Commando cost a mere $3.80 for her current connections. Just goes to prove that bargains can be found in the horse industry.